Words to live by in 2014

“Words to live by in 2014!”

by Julia Maria Lloyd


Since the beginning of this New Year 2014, I’ve been getting a strong nudge to pick a word or two, which were going to become a theme for me and my business in 2014. I’ve never really consciously done that before, but decided to follow my intuition and go for it, curious what was going to happen.

What came out of it was very surprising, profound and revealing for me, so I’ve decided to share this little game with you. Are you in?

First, I came up with 24 words (just the first 24 words that came into my head), and wrote them down in two columns. I then looked at column one and picked one word that jumped out at me first, without thinking about it or analysing its meaning. I wrote the word down, and then did the same for column two.

(I will reveal my two words at the very end of this article, as I don’t want to influence you)

You can of course make your own list of words, if you like, or you can use mine, it’s up to you. Here are my words in two columns:

Authenticity                          Faith

Heart                                      Beliefs

Success                                 Money

Team                                      Health

Fitness                                   Love

Friendship                            Speaking

Ease                                      Adventure

Integrity                                Purpose

Passion                                Courage

Action                                   Travel

Abundance                           Wealth

Curiosity                              Grace


Have you picked? Now I have a few questions for you, and I encourage you to journal your answers:

  1. Which two words did you get?
  2. What do these two words mean to you, personally and in your business?
  3. How are they going to influence your decisions for 2014?
  4. Are you surprised that you picked these particular words?

Alright, so now is the time to reveal mine:

“Heart and Authenticity”

As soon as I saw them, I realized the importance of these two words for me! They will definitely be my theme for 2014 in everything I do, in my business ventures, and in my personal life, my ‘guiding light’. Together, they are the essence of why I do what I do, and why I am in business. Isn’t it cool?

I hope yours were just as significant and important to you, as mine were to me.

Wishing you a successful 2014, fulfilling you deepest dreams and desires, while sharing your authentic gifts with the world!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

With love and bliss,






3 Simple Tips on Tracking Your Money

“3 Simple Tips on Tracking Your Money”money tracking

I will start with a confession. Even though I had a career as a Business Systems Analyst in the corporate world for many years, my personal money tracking and management left a lot to be desired. I did what was absolutely necessary, and I always paid my taxes on time, but beyond that, it was a mess. Phew…alright…so now you know. Can some of you relate?

However, when I started my own coaching business, it all had to change, or I knew I wouldn’t stay in business for long. The breakthrough moment was when I did my work with the Sacred Money Archetypes, and then became a certified coach in it. There was a lot of mindset and subconscious blocks I had to blow through, before I could make peace with it all. By the way, you can too, and I will tell you how.

I’m telling you all this to let you know that, first of all, it’s not just about knowing what to do to manage your money (although that’s obviously very important), but there is an emotional component to it, as well, and sometimes quite a subconscious one. Secondly, if you haven’t been tracking your money, you’re not alone AND you can decide to change that! Thirdly, you can learn simple procedures to track your money, without having to become a bookkeeper or an accountant (believe me, I’m neither…).

So here are three simple tips on what to do to start managing your money, and start feeling in control, rather than letting your fear run your business and your life. 

Tip#1: Start by getting some coaching on your relationship with money, and release the blocks that are holding you back.

Our relationship with money is quite complex, just like we are. It gets formulated over the course of our entire life (or perhaps even that of our ancestors), and is modelled by our family, our friends, the society at large. It holds within a lot more than meets the eye, including our sense of self-worth, deservability, and so on. You need a really great system to help you unravel all of this complexity, and to help you move forward. For example, the Sacred Money Archetypes is one such system, which works amazingly well.

Tip#2: Create a simple system for collecting your receipts, and tracking your expenses.

You’re perhaps familiar with the scenario, where your receipts are stuffed into your wallet, until it doesn’t close any more, all over the kitchen counter, or in a shoe box. Believe me, been there done that. What you can do instead (and it’s like a breath of fresh air once you do it!), is to create one folder for all your business receipts. As they come in, you mark the category on it, let’s say ‘office supplies’, ‘printing’, etc., and put them into the folder. Then have one day a week when you deal with them. That could be the day your bookkeeper comes in, and enters all the receipts into your Quick Books, or if you don’t have a bookkeeper yet, you enter them yourself. Then the receipts get filed into appropriate files for your records. Stick to the same day each week, and make it a habit.

Note that this is going to feel easier for some of you than others. If you already know your Sacred Money Archetypes, then you know that for some archetypes, this is like second nature, as for others it is like trying to learn a foreign language. The important thing is to start doing it, even if it feels mechanical at first.

Tip#3: Hire the ‘right’ bookkeeper and stay in control.

The important thing here is to stay in control of your money, whether you have a bookkeeper or not. If you’re hiring someone to do this for you, make sure, first of all, that they’re good at what they do (of course!), and that they like their job, and therefore will take care of your money tracking joyously. That part is really important, and the same goes for you doing it yourself. The energy that you surround your money with makes a huge difference, either positive or negative. It’s like anything else in life, when you feel positive and open about something, you invite more of it, and the opposite is also true.

Money loves attention, and it’ll get it somehow. If you’re not paying positive attention to it, it’ll get your attention like a two year old…perhaps by throwing a tantrum, or two 🙂

Please, leave your comments below. I’d love to read your thoughts and experiences on the subject.

With Love and Bliss,



Are you shrinking to fit?

Are you shrinking to fit?

stop shrinking 300


I’ve noticed a growing trend lately, and I wanted to write an article about it to make you

aware of what is going on (and it may be happening to you!), and secondly give you some tips on how not to get sucked into it. So what is the trend?

I call it the ‘shrinking violet’ syndrome! It’s when a business woman (I’m pretty sure men do this too, but maybe to a lesser degree) looks around, and decides that she has to fit into the level of income, achievement, and whatever else, that the majority of the people around her are at. Is this you, by any chance? How does this show up in your business?

#1 Not Charging Enough.

You set your prices low, because you decide ahead of time that your potential clients can’t afford to pay more. This starts a whole sequence of events that ends up not only hurting you and your business, but actually the very people you want to help, as well. How does it hurt your potential clients? Well, by assuming they can’t pay more, you don’t hold them as powerful. It’s like selling inferior quality goods at discounted prices: in the end nobody really benefits, and everybody ends up feeling cheap and undervalued. You don’t deliver as good a service, because you don’t feel inspired and appreciated. Everybody is shrinking to fit.

So what should you do instead? First of all, get some coaching, so you can start charging what you’re worth. Hold yourself and your clients as powerful at all times, so that you, as well as they, can keep on expanding and stepping into their greatness…instead of shrinking to fit!

#2 Believing That Fear and Doubt are the Truth.

It’s when you look around and start gathering ‘evidence’ that whatever your next leap is to be, is going to be a monumental failure. Sounds familiar? Believe me, I know what I’m talking about…from first-hand experience. Fear and doubt start creeping in, and that little voice in the back of your head starts telling you that you’re not good enough, and can’t possibly succeed…and what were you thinking in the first place? Then you start asking opinions of your friends and family, and get even more ‘evidence’ that whatever it is you want to do is not going to succeed. You start shrinking to fit; to fit your fear and doubt, and the fear and doubt of everyone around you.

So what should you do instead? Acknowledge your feelings, by all means, but then move past them, dig deep and find the courage within you…and then go and do whatever it is you want to do! This courageous action you’re going to take is more significant than the actual outcome.

#3 Sabotaging Your Success.

You have a strong feeling that if you become more successful than your partner (friend, family member, etc.), they will feel threatened, won’t approve of you, or might even end the relationship. This feeling may not even be fully conscious, so you may not be fully aware that you’re actually sabotaging your success. Your need to belong, be approved of and loved is keeping you from fully stepping into your greatness. Again, you’re shrinking to fit.

What should you do instead? Ask yourself: what if that need for approval were no longer important to me? Then what would I do? How would I show up in my life and business?

Where else have you noticed you’re shrinking to fit? It’s funny, but when you stop shrinking, and start expanding, it’s contagious, and people around you will also start to expand. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

With love and bliss,


TRUST and ACTION for your 2014 goals!

“TRUST and ACTION for your 2014 goals!”

trust imageAs I mentioned earlier in my newsletter, choosing to TRUST your gut sure gets you places. In fact, I’d say that it’s the basic ingredient, without which not much gets accomplished. Do you agree?

As we know, life rarely, if ever, comes with a warranty, so trusting, or having faith really is that important, or else we just kind of stagnate and not accomplish much.

Of course, there is usually a lot of fear associated with taking a leap of faith, or trusting in this way, because we’re leaping into the unknown.

What’s more, trust and faith alone aren’t enough. You really need to take ACTION to achieve your goals. I haven’t really said anything yet that you don’t know already, have I? AND yet, to a lesser or greater degree, we all have problems executing this simple sequence. Why is that?

Because we buy into our fear and doubt, and we believe it…that’s right, we believe it’s the truth, as in fact it’s never the truth!

So how does this relate to your goals for 2014?

It depends on what your goals are, of course. If they’re more or less a repeat of your 2013 goals, then you’re not likely to face a lot of fear and resistance within yourself. If, on the other hand, you’re on a path to success (however you define success), and have a bigger vision, then you know that you have to continually move beyond your comfort zone to get there.

Here are a few tips I want to share with you, to help you achieve your 2014 goals:

Tip #1: First and foremost, make sure you’re clear on what your goals are, or else you can’t really move forward. Once you’re clear, make sure to write them down. Whether it’s on a vision board, a document on your computer, or a plain, old fashioned notebook, write them down somewhere! This simple act of transferring them from your head onto something more tangible already moves you closer to achieving them.

Tip #2: When your fear and doubt gremlins start showing up…and they will, sooner or later…be prepared! Knowing ahead of time that your mind (or your ego) will play this game with you, to try to keep you in the known territory and ‘safe’, makes all the difference. Don’t buy into it! It takes TRUST to feel this fear, and still move forward with your plans, and that’s why this is the topic of today’s article.

Tip #3: Make a plan of action, and follow it! I know it sounds obvious, and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before, but there really isn’t another way! Wishing and hoping will not get you there. I’m not saying that visualizations, and playing the ‘as if’ game don’t work, on the contrary. They’re great tools. However, they’re no substitute for a good plan, and ACTION! That’s not to say that plans don’t change, of course they do, but that’s OK. You just adjust the plan, and keep going.

I hope these tips have helped you today, and made things a little more clear. I’d love to hear your input in the comments on my blog. Perhaps you have a strategy that works really well for you, and you’d like to share it…would love to hear!

With love and bliss,




What’s Your Money Clutter? Find out!

What’s Your Money Clutter? Find out!

Money-ClutterSo how do you know if you have money clutter in your life, and why is it important to get rid of it? Well, chances are you do have it…because most people do, without even realizing it.

First, it’s important to become aware of it, and then clear it, because it’s like a giant energy ‘hogger’ in your subconscious mind. It’s holding you back in many areas of your life, especially where money is concerned, and you don’t even know it.

How do you recognize money clutter? You know it’s money clutter because it feels unfinished, unresolved, messy and complicated, or it’s something you’ve been avoiding!

Here are some of the most common examples of money clutter:

#1 People Owe You Money

Do you know what I’m talking about? Your friend Sally really needed to borrow some money, because [insert the reason here]. You didn’t give it to her as a gift, but you also didn’t discuss the repayment plan. Why? Because she’s your friend, and you trust her, right? Well, now it’s six months later and you haven’t seen any of your money. You’re too embarrassed to ask. Sounds familiar?

Or, a client owes you money, or defaulted on their payment, but he/she is still your client, and you keep providing your services, because you’re afraid to upset them. Could that be you?

#2 You Owe People Money

The situation can be reversed, and you are the one owing money to your friends and/or family members. Unless both parties have good boundaries, and are very good and clear with money, this situation can become very entangled and messy. Chances are that if you’re not paying back the money, however slowly, feelings of guilt and shame start creeping in. Many a friendship has been lost because of such circumstances.

#3 Bills and Receipts Mess

You don’t have your bills and receipts in their proper folders. Instead, they’re all over the kitchen counter, or in a shoe box. Every time you walk by the stack, you feel guilty, because you know it needs to be done…but you keep putting it off. The energy drain is huge. This one is really quite common.

#4 Erratic Bill Payments  

You haven’t really taken the time to list all your payments, with their due dates. As a consequence, your bill payments are irregular, or worse, you miss a payment or two. This can be especially bad if you have credit card debts, as your credit rating may be affected.

#5 Wallet Woes  

It seems that women in particular are afflicted with this (sorry ladies, I used to be guilty of it myself). Here’s the picture:

  • Your wallet has definitely seen better days (tattered, torn, broken zipper, etc.).
  • It’s way too small for your current needs, never mind being able to accommodate larger amounts of money!
  • It’s oddly shaped and the colour is drab.
  • There is absolutely nothing glamorous about it!
  • It’s overflowing with receipts, so there isn’t really any room left for the money.

Guilty? The good news is that most of us also love shopping, so buying a new wallet might be a fun project.

I hope you found this subject enlightening, or at least thought and action provoking. I’d love to hear which of the above applies to you, and what you’re going to do to change it. Looking forward to reading your comments!

With love and bliss,


P.S. I specialize in helping women in business (and smart men :)) to dissolve their negative money beliefs and habits, so that they can achieve the financial success they desire, in a short time. If you’d like to talk to me about this for 30 minutes, 1:1 (my gift to you!), please fill out this simple application, and we’ll let you know if you got a spot for “Clear Your Money Clutter” breakthrough session.




Do you charge what you’re worth?

Do you charge what you’re worth?

thanksgivingWell, do you?

Let’s start with an even more fundamental question: do you even know what you’re worth? I certainly didn’t. And before I go any further, I want to explain exactly what I mean.

What I’m talking about is knowing the value of your work, the impact your work is having on your clients, and on the people around you. Most of you have either never really thought about it in those terms, or you completely underestimated your value. The result is what I call ‘chronic undercharging’…anyone?

Am I close? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ here, don’t worry, because fortunately, this is an easy thing to change with some coaching and mentoring. I was in the same position over a year ago, and now I can’t believe the difference in my thinking and my attitude.

I want to share some valuable tips here with you that will start you on the road to recovery from chronic undercharging and undervaluing yourself.

I’ll be honest with you, this is the quickest and best way I know to turn your business around. To go from overworking and not making enough money, to having a comfortable income, feeling confident…and perhaps the best part: being able to be of service to a lot of people, for a long time to come.

Tip #1:

First you really need to take care of your money mindset, and clear any emotional blocks to charging more. Most people have all kinds of money clutter and negative money beliefs going on in their lives, and that is stopping them from moving forward, and achieving their financial goals.

Tip #2:

You need to learn simple steps to track your income and expenses in your business and your personal life, so that you know your costs. As we all know there are costs associated with running a business, and even though this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised to learn how many entrepreneurs don’t  really know their costs.

Tip #3:

Discover the impact that your product or service is having on your clients. Document it. Ask for feedback and testimonials. Most of us are in business, because we love what we do, and we’re really good at it. We’re good at it because it is one of our gifts, and it comes really easy to us. We tend to assume that other people also find it easy to do the same thing, and we take it for granted. The truth is, lots of people really need your gift and your service, because they cannot do it for themselves.

Tip #4:

Learn how to package your services into programs that sell. There is a certain art to doing this, starting with a really good and meaningful title. The title alone can either make or break your offer, so make sure to research the subject, and come up with a title that’s going to immediate draw in your potential clients.

Tip #5:

Base your pricing on the results people get, rather than on the competition. I know from my own experience, I often end up paying more for something that I know will get me the exact results I’m looking for, rather than trying to ‘save’ money on something that in the end will just be a waste of my time and money. That’s why it’s so important to know the value of what you’re providing, so that you can confidently set your prices, and be in an energetic harmony with them.

I hope you found these tips valuable. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

With love and bliss,


P.S. In the spirit of the Canadian Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for today?

P.P.S. Are you ready to charge what you’re worth? If so, apply for a 30 minute complimentary “Time to Charge What You’re Worth” Breakthrough Session. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, and we will let you know if you got a spot. Apply.







Which ‘money character’ are you?

Which ‘money character’ are you?


It’s ironic that as humans we invented money to make our lives easier, but over time it’s become one of the most complex reflections of our inner psyche, of who we are as individuals and of our society.

Seriously though, when you think about it, how many people do you know who don’t have any issues with money? I’m not only talking about the basic issue of not having enough, although this one is the most common one, but also about the myriad of other things that pop up whenever money is mentioned.

I’ve done a lot of work around my own money mindset, as I realized that it was stopping me from really stepping out into the world in a way that I desired and was called to do. Am I perfect with it yet? No, of course not. It’s a process that happens over time, with coaching, and with being an entrepreneur and having to deal with money on daily basis. Am I much better at it now? Heck yeah!

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to change any limiting money beliefs, and free yourself from the shackles J

Just for fun, I wanted to show you some archetypal ‘money characters’, to see if you can identify yourself, or anyone you know, in any of these:

  1. The Cringers – you see their facial expression change, the moment the subject of money comes up. It might be subtle (or not), but they cringe, as if to say “not this again”. Somewhere deep inside they hold the notion that money is the root of all evil, and they’re not going to contribute to the spread of it!
  2. The Avoiders – they never talk about money themselves, and if it is mentioned by someone else, they immediately change the subject, or pretend they never even heard what was said. They’d much rather live in a world without money, and try very hard to pretend it is already so, to their own detriment.
  3. The Spenders – their eyes light up when they think of money. They love money, but it never seems to stick around! They love the glitter that money can buy, ‘saving for a rainy day’…not so much.
  4. The Hoarders – they love money, and they never want to part with any of it…no matter what. They’re like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter…except then spring and summer come…and they’re still gathering nuts. The time to enjoy the fruits of their labour never comes.
  5. The Givers– they’d give the proverbial shirts off their backs, and when it comes to money, they tend to lend money to people who are not very likely to pay them back. Why? Because somewhere along the way they’d been told that they don’t matter so much, and that others are more important. They don’t consciously believe it, but it shows up everywhere in their lives.

The funny thing is that we’re not really talking about money here, are we? We’re talking about something much deeper and fundamental: we’re talking about how we show up in the world, how much we’re able to contribute to the world, how well equipped we are to use our full potential, how fulfilling and satisfying our lives end up being. True?

I believe so. I believe that the work we do to fine-tune our money mindset is far reaching. It is the gateway to fulfilling our spiritual path, which really is the same thing as fulfilling our human potential, our purpose.

Women especially tend to have a much more complex relationship with money, and with our own self-worth. It especially starts to show up in a big way as soon as we start our own business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts here on my blog.

With Love and Bliss,



P.S. Are you ready to find out more about your ‘money characters’? Even better, your Sacred Money Archetypes? I invite you to apply for one of the 30 minute private conversations with me, normally valued at $197, but my gift to you today! (3 available as of right now). Click on the link below and answer a few simple questions to apply. We’ll let you know if you got one of these coveted spots.





A life inspired: in memory of my Dad.

A life inspired: in memory of my Dad.

dad and I 300

As I’m grieving, I’m also remembering so much about my Dad, our time spent together, our laughs, and our tender moments. Here’s one of my favourite pictures of us. He truly was a great guy, and he could make me laugh like no one else ever could. I miss all of this, and I always will. I think people we love always stay in our hearts, even if they’re physically no longer with us.

He wore a lot of different hats in his lifetime: a university professor, a scientist, an author, an activist, an adventurer, a world traveller…I could go on. The point is that he lived his life to the fullest, and I’m so proud of him for everything he’s done.

He’s always been my hero, and I learned so much from him. I wanted to share some of this with you, because it all adds up to a recipe for ‘living a life inspired’, which most of us desire and strive for.

Have the courage to go beyond your comfort zone: You know that saying ‘Life begins right outside your comfort zone’, right? That was definitely my Dad’s mantra, and it became mine, as well. I remember when years ago I got a contract job for the Cayman Islands Government, and was wondering if I should accept it. It meant I’d have to relocate all by myself to a different country I hardly knew anything about, and where I didn’t know a soul. I asked my Dad what he thought, and I’ll never forget his answer: “Well, I can’t tell you if this is the right job for you Julia, but if you don’t take it…you will never find out.” Such seemingly simple and obvious words, but they made all the difference to me. I took the job, because of what he said. It wasn’t an easy move, but also turned out to be one of the biggest adventures of my life! I ended up living in the Cayman Islands and working as a Business Systems Analyst for over four years, and loved it. A couple of months ago I had a chance to tell my Dad how much his words had meant to me. I’m so glad I did. Thank you Dad!

Drop the excuses…and go for it: my Dad has always been a role model for me of how pretty much anything is possible if you want it badly enough. He’s always been an eternal optimist, pretty much to the last day of his life. Nothing was ever a deterrent, least of all lack of cash on hand. My Dad was a master at using credit to his full advantage, and he always paid it back. That’s how he financed our unforgettable tour of Europe for my eighteenth birthday years ago. That trip became the inspiration for my travels later in life. Who knows what my life would have looked like, had it not been for that adventure. Life is so short, and then it’s gone. Live it to the fullest every day!

Take an active role in your community: my Dad was always involved, be it in the student community at the university he taught at, or the Polish community in Montreal. He was a great proponent of democracy, equal rights, integrity, and a fair deal. He was a pacifist, and had an incredible talent for dissipating conflict. He was a humanitarian in every sense of the word, and I am so proud of him for that. He taught me that everyone has a voice, and has a right to use it; that it’s not only our right, but our human obligation to stand up and tell our truth, even if our voice may not be the most popular one. Our world today really needs people who are willing to speak up, who have the courage to do so.

Let your brilliance shine through your work: my Dad never stopped working, even though he retired almost twenty years ago. He always had at least two or three project on the go at any one time. From the new climate change theory, or the new method of playing Bridge, to writing his auto-biographical book, his mind was always actively working. He wanted to leave a legacy, and he accomplished that brilliantly. His interests and passions were vast, and his curiosity endless. His body might have got weaker with time, but his mind remained as sharp as ever. He always impressed me and inspired me with his relentless pursuit to extend the frontiers of human knowledge. I’ve learned that we all have our unique brilliance that we need to share with the world. It’s our right and our obligation.

I wanted to share these few memories of my Dad’s life not only because it helps me grieve, but also because I’d like his life to be an inspiration for others. He would have liked that, even though he was a very unassuming man.

Those who leave us get to live on in our hearts and our memories, as we carry them forward and honour them in this way. They’re not forgotten, and their legacy is not lost. Each one of us is a living, breathing cell of this vast Universe of ours. As an old cell dies, a new one is born, and the memory gets passed on through the DNA. Nothing is ever lost.

Rest in Peace Dad. I love you.




Your top 5 ‘must haves’ for success!

Your top 5 ‘must haves’ for success!


Do you ever wonder what makes some people successful, while others struggle all their lives? This question made me think about what’s made me successful in some things (like learning to dance Salsa well), and not so successful in others. What are those magic ingredients that make the difference between success and failure?

I’ve put these ‘must haves’ together, and called it a ‘starter kit for success’:

Must Have #1: Desire

We are all given this amazing gift called desire. If it wasn’t for desire, we’d probably just do the bare minimum in life to survive. Pretty much all action is governed by desire. To start anything meaningful in life, you have to have the desire first. Aha, so is having a desire enough to create a successful business? Well…I believe you need to have more than just a simple desire. I believe your business should be based on a ‘burning desire’, which is like a desire on steroids! Do you know what I mean? It is a thought that comes to you, and then grows and grows, until it feels almost like an obsession…and you have to act on it. It becomes your mission, your purpose in life. I believe that it’s only this kind of desire that keeps you going no matter what, and gives you the determination you need to persevere, even when obstacles pile up.

Must Have #2: Faith and Courage

When you first start your business, all you have are your skills, your burning desire, and your faith that it will succeed. That’s why your faith is so vitally important to keep you going. Along with faith comes courage. It takes a lot of courage to develop your own business, and to leave the security of a job and a paycheck. Your faith and courage will be tested along your entrepreneurial path…all the time! Why? Because your entrepreneurial path is so much more than a simple quest to be financially secure and successful. It’s a part of your spiritual path. Stepping into action and starting your own business based on what you believe in, and what you love doing, is like declaring to the Universe “I’m ready to be tested  on every level!”…and tested you are. It’s like constantly running into a wall of your own limitations and subconscious beliefs, which surface every time you’re ready to take your business to the next level. The good news is that as long as you remember about faith and courage, you can do. Not only you can do it, but you find more and more strength and resources within with every step you take.

Must Have #3: Leadership

Have you ever worked for someone who you considered to be a great leader? I have. I not only admired her greatly as a person, but I saw qualities in her that I really wanted to develop in myself. There are certain unmistakable qualities that make someone a great leader. Among others, they are:

  • ability to make quick decisions
  • confidence and courage, based on having done personal growth work
  • compassion and understanding of others
  • willingness to take full responsibility not only for their own results, but for those of their team
  • ability to plan the work and work the plan
  • a spirit of cooperation, fairness and justice

What does it mean to you to be a leader in your own life and business? First of all, and most importantly, have you made a decision to be one?

Must Have #4: Boundaries

Boundaries are one of those things that most people sort of know about, but may be completely unaware of the state of their own boundaries. Boundaries are strictly tied to your self-esteem. The better your boundaries, the higher your self-esteem. It’s one of those chicken and egg situations: do you raise your self-esteem, so you can have better boundaries, or do you get better boundaries to improve your self-esteem? The first option is really difficult to do, but establishing and practicing better boundaries does in fact improve your self-esteem. So that’s the good news, right? Yes, and what’s more, running your own business will present lots of opportunities for you to test your boundaries…probably almost daily! From hiring and dealing with your staff members to dealing with your clients, you’ll find out very quickly where there are gaping holes in your boundaries that need to be addressed and plugged.

Must Have #5: Clear Relationship with Money

I’ve already talked about the importance of this in other articles, but this is so vital for your financial success in business…and in life in general, that it’s worth repeating over and over again. This is sort of similar to the boundaries situation: you can go through life, and not really have a clue what your relationship with money really is…especially your hidden, subconscious relationship. You obviously can see if it’s easy for you to attract money into your life, and keep it, or it’s almost impossible, no matter how hard you try. I can definitely help you here, first to untangle your particular situation, and then to move past your money blocks, and into a new territory of a clear relationship with money. The difference will be like night and day, I can promise you that much!

These are obviously not the only ‘must haves’ for success, but I consider these to be the essential ‘starter kit’ on your entrepreneurial path! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Have an amazing day!


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For the Love AND Money: no need to choose!

For the Love AND Money: no need to choose!

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Are you one of the passionate, heart-centered entrepreneurs, who is looking for new ways to run your business more profitably, but also feel in complete integrity with what you do?

I can totally relate. When I first started in my business almost two years ago, I was all about the love, and helping people find their passion in life, but had no idea how to translate that into a financial success.

What’s more, I had a notion that I had to choose between the love and the money. Well, today I’m here to tell you it’s not necessary to choose. In fact, one can fuel and compliment the other, hence the title: “For the Love AND Money: no need to choose!”.

I’ve trained as a business coach, because I wanted to transform my own relationship with money, first and foremost. It turns out I love the work so much that it’s become the main focus of my business now.

Today, I want to share 3 of my best tips on what to do to make your business a success, without losing your heart connection to what you do. It’s a great starting point AND, as we all know, there is so much more to it, as well. So, without further ado:

Tip #1:

Examine your own ‘money story’. We all have one, but we’re mostly not aware of how it is negatively affecting our relationship with money today, and the ways we present ourselves in the world, especially through our business. You will need coaching to help you move beyond your story, so my suggestion is to hire the best mentor you can afford. As my mentor says, “how you do money, is how you do everything”, and I find this to be very true.

Tip #2:

One truth that has become really apparent to me in the last couple of years is that money truly has power. By itself this power is neutral, and it can be used for good, as well as evil. This could be a huge motivating force for you, if making positive changes in the world is part of your ‘BIG WHY’, as it is mine. It becomes clear that it’s a lot easier to influence those changes if you have a substantial amount of money at your disposal. Not to mention that if your business doesn’t support you financially, then it’s just an expensive hobby, and sooner or later you’ll have to quit, and we don’t want that, do we?

Tip #3:

Realize and appreciate the true value of your work and services to others. Again, you’re going to need coaching on this, as it’s pretty much impossible to see our own blind spots. This seems like such a ‘no brainer’, but from my experience, is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most entrepreneurs, especially women. Until you truly and deeply see the impact you’re creating in the world, you’ll probably always feel like a fraud, and always hesitate to charge what you’re worth. The result? You’re depriving others of the gift you’re here to give, and not creating the impact you’re here to create. It’s time to change this!

I’ve really enjoyed sharing these tips with you today, and there is plenty more where they came from lol. I love talking about this, as I’m all about empowering entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs to translate ‘that thing they do’ into a successful business model. You love what you do, and you’re really good at it, right? Well, why not create the life you dream about, doing what you love, serving others, and making positive changes in the world, all at the same time?! Win, win, win…and win situation. After all, the very definition of business includes that fact that it has to make money, otherwise it’s just an expensive hobby, like I’ve already mentioned.

Alright, this is it for today. I’m wishing you a beautiful heart-felt and heart-filled day! I’d love to read your comments below.

With love and bliss,

This is Julia

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