Your top 5 ‘must haves’ for success!

Your top 5 ‘must haves’ for success!


Do you ever wonder what makes some people successful, while others struggle all their lives? This question made me think about what’s made me successful in some things (like learning to dance Salsa well), and not so successful in others. What are those magic ingredients that make the difference between success and failure?

I’ve put these ‘must haves’ together, and called it a ‘starter kit for success’:

Must Have #1: Desire

We are all given this amazing gift called desire. If it wasn’t for desire, we’d probably just do the bare minimum in life to survive. Pretty much all action is governed by desire. To start anything meaningful in life, you have to have the desire first. Aha, so is having a desire enough to create a successful business? Well…I believe you need to have more than just a simple desire. I believe your business should be based on a ‘burning desire’, which is like a desire on steroids! Do you know what I mean? It is a thought that comes to you, and then grows and grows, until it feels almost like an obsession…and you have to act on it. It becomes your mission, your purpose in life. I believe that it’s only this kind of desire that keeps you going no matter what, and gives you the determination you need to persevere, even when obstacles pile up.

Must Have #2: Faith and Courage

When you first start your business, all you have are your skills, your burning desire, and your faith that it will succeed. That’s why your faith is so vitally important to keep you going. Along with faith comes courage. It takes a lot of courage to develop your own business, and to leave the security of a job and a paycheck. Your faith and courage will be tested along your entrepreneurial path…all the time! Why? Because your entrepreneurial path is so much more than a simple quest to be financially secure and successful. It’s a part of your spiritual path. Stepping into action and starting your own business based on what you believe in, and what you love doing, is like declaring to the Universe “I’m ready to be tested  on every level!”…and tested you are. It’s like constantly running into a wall of your own limitations and subconscious beliefs, which surface every time you’re ready to take your business to the next level. The good news is that as long as you remember about faith and courage, you can do. Not only you can do it, but you find more and more strength and resources within with every step you take.

Must Have #3: Leadership

Have you ever worked for someone who you considered to be a great leader? I have. I not only admired her greatly as a person, but I saw qualities in her that I really wanted to develop in myself. There are certain unmistakable qualities that make someone a great leader. Among others, they are:

  • ability to make quick decisions
  • confidence and courage, based on having done personal growth work
  • compassion and understanding of others
  • willingness to take full responsibility not only for their own results, but for those of their team
  • ability to plan the work and work the plan
  • a spirit of cooperation, fairness and justice

What does it mean to you to be a leader in your own life and business? First of all, and most importantly, have you made a decision to be one?

Must Have #4: Boundaries

Boundaries are one of those things that most people sort of know about, but may be completely unaware of the state of their own boundaries. Boundaries are strictly tied to your self-esteem. The better your boundaries, the higher your self-esteem. It’s one of those chicken and egg situations: do you raise your self-esteem, so you can have better boundaries, or do you get better boundaries to improve your self-esteem? The first option is really difficult to do, but establishing and practicing better boundaries does in fact improve your self-esteem. So that’s the good news, right? Yes, and what’s more, running your own business will present lots of opportunities for you to test your boundaries…probably almost daily! From hiring and dealing with your staff members to dealing with your clients, you’ll find out very quickly where there are gaping holes in your boundaries that need to be addressed and plugged.

Must Have #5: Clear Relationship with Money

I’ve already talked about the importance of this in other articles, but this is so vital for your financial success in business…and in life in general, that it’s worth repeating over and over again. This is sort of similar to the boundaries situation: you can go through life, and not really have a clue what your relationship with money really is…especially your hidden, subconscious relationship. You obviously can see if it’s easy for you to attract money into your life, and keep it, or it’s almost impossible, no matter how hard you try. I can definitely help you here, first to untangle your particular situation, and then to move past your money blocks, and into a new territory of a clear relationship with money. The difference will be like night and day, I can promise you that much!

These are obviously not the only ‘must haves’ for success, but I consider these to be the essential ‘starter kit’ on your entrepreneurial path! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Have an amazing day!


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