Four Pillars of Successful Enrollment Conversations

Four Pillars of Successful Enrollment Conversations.

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To become successful in my business, I’ve had to master the art of enrollment conversations. It didn’t happen overnight, believe me. This is where sticking to it, and practicing comes in really handy!

Enrollment conversations, discovery sessions, strategy sessions, or whatever you decide to call them in your business, are a backbone of any coaching or consulting based business. At the same time, very few people are born with the skills to conduct them successfully. In fact, most of us have some degree of resistance to having them, not wanting to appear ‘salesy’, or being afraid of rejection when the answer is ‘no’ .

These fears and objections can appear very real, and keep you stuck. The fact is that for your ‘potential clients’ to become your actual ‘clients’, you need to be able to successfully enroll them, or ‘convert’ them. The higher your conversion rate, the more successful your business can be.

As obvious as all this sounds, many small business owners consider successful enrollment to be their ‘Achilles’ Heel’, and continue to avoid it, while their business, their dreams, and their income suffer.

I wanted to share with you here, what I consider the four pillars of successful enrollment conversations. They are, by no means, an exhaustive list, but practicing them will definitely help you be more successful in getting more clients.

#1 Pillar: the energy you bring to the call, can pre-determine the outcome!

All human beings are equipped with an antennae or a radar, to be able to detect the energy of another being. Whether we are aware of it or not, we somehow know when the other person is angry, or sad, or happy. The purpose of it originally might have been to assure our survival, so that we could detect whether another cave person was about to clobber us or not. Jokes aside, your potential client knows exactly what mood you’re in. So the best thing to do before your enrolment conversation, is to have a little energy clearing ceremony. It could be as simple as taking a few cleansing breaths, getting present, and envisioning a positive outcome. You see the image above ‘I love my clients’? Well, make it ‘I love my potential clients’, and you’re in business!

#2 Pillar: practice passionate detachment!

This is just as important. What exactly does ‘passionate detachment’ mean? It means that you’re passionate about what you do, and about being of service to your potential client, but you’re not attached to the outcome of this particular conversation (no matter how much you need the money now!). It’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you really need the money, but it can be achieved with practice. Again, people can sense the energy of desperation, and it is a repellant, not an attractor!

#3 Pillar: provide value!

Make sure you provide value in your enrollment conversations, regardless of the outcome. You want to make sure that the person walks away with something useful they learn from it, that they can apply in their life or business right away. I’m not talking about giving away the proverbial farm here, or going into all kinds of coaching, but make sure you give something, before you ask to receive. It makes perfect sense here, like it does in other areas of your life. After all, it’s all about creating trust and relationships. Even if it’s a ‘no’ for now, it doesn’t mean it’s a ‘no’ forever.

#4 Pillar: be of service first!

Your overall mindset makes a huge difference to the outcome of these conversations. Be clear of the service you provide to others. The more you are connected to the mission and the purpose of your business, the easier it is to genuinely care about your clients’ results, in this case, your potential client’s results. Just like people can sense the overall energy you bring to the call, they can also sense your level of sincerity. You only appear ‘salesy’, when you care more about the money you’ll receive, than the service you’ll provide!

Speaking of value, I hope you got a lot of value from this article. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject in the comments below. Is there something you do, that makes you a ‘client enrolling machine’ haha? Will you share it with us? Is there something you’re struggling with in particular, and need help with?

Wishing you successful enrollment conversations!

With love and bliss,




Money as Your Spiritual Tool – Motivate, Create, Circulate!

Money as Your Spiritual Tool – Motivate, Create, Circulate!

I have a confession to make:


I’m not highly motivated by money itself!

At first glance it might seem ironic, or even wrong, since a big chunk of my work is helping people dissolve their money blocks, so that they can build their successful businesses and lives! Is this a contradiction? Am I a fake? Am I swimming up my own stream…against the current of my deep purpose and desire?

These questions occurred to me the other day, so I thought they deserved a closer look, not just for my own peace of mind, but as a wider issue. Because I bet you quite a few of you are nodding your heads at this point, going “Yup, totally, I’m the same way”.

Upon further examination, I’ve decided that no, I’m not a fake (phewww!), and that in fact it makes perfect sense that I coach people to move beyond the conventional perception of money (especially when it’s perceived as evil), and into the more true perception of it, where it is a means of exchange of human energy. The more of it we create in our lives, the more we let it move through us and circulate it, the more good we can create in the world!

I remember when I first got this concept that money really was an integral part of my normal, creative human existence, I found it extremely liberating. I didn’t have to think of money as being ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ any more…what a relief.

Then I realized that I still needed a broader vision, to be actually motivated to create wealth in my life, not just to get by, and not to live in constant fear of not having enough.

Looking at it through these three phases really helped me see that broader picture, and I hope that it’s going to help you too.

Motivate: this is the first phase, where you need to dig deep, and find the motivation for creating abundance and wealth in your life. It’s actually all about motivating yourself, if you are like me, and not naturally driven by money. Here’s where your compelling and indulgent ‘why’ comes in, where you need to find those deep desires in your heart of what you want your life to look like.

For example, doing my work anywhere in the world, being in the sunshine, and smelling beautiful roses, like the one above, is highly motivating for me. What turns your crank?

What do you want to be doing, where do you want to live, who do you want to spend your time with, what do you need money for? It really all boils down to this one question: what are those super important things in your life that you need money to accomplish? Once you have that, then you can add the more selfless motives, like giving back to your favorite charities and organizations, helping others through your work…saving the world…you know what I mean.

Create: the second phase is all about the creation of wealth and money. That’s where you learn all about the nuts and bolts of growing your business, where you hire a mentor to help you put those into practice. It’s where you learn about fine-tuning your mindset and taming your gremlins. It’s where you go and slay your dragons, go onto your hero’s journey, and come home a changed person…metaphorically speaking, of course. Seriously though, this is what it takes to succeed…this is your spiritual path…and that’s why you need that super strong motivation to get you through it.

Circulate: so now you’re ready to circulate the money, because after all, that’s the essence of money, and that’s the reason you’ve worked for it with such dedication. This is where it becomes clear to you that this money doesn’t really belong to you (I mean, technically it ‘belongs’ to you). Money doesn’t really belong to anybody. It came from other people to you (or to be more precise, through other people), and now it is going to go to other people (or through other people)…and so on, and so forth. You get the picture. So as you can see, this is not some highfalutin spiritual concept, it is actually what happens to money.

Before money became the means of exchange between humans, it used to be chickens, or grain, or other goods. If you think about it in those terms, you can see how detrimental it would be to yourself, your family, and humanity at large, if you blocked the flow of those goods to yourself. Soon you and your family would perish, and if everybody did that, pretty soon the human race would cease to exist. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it.

So let’s motivate ourselves, let’s keep generating the money through our creative endeavours, and let’s keep this NEW old world going round!

With love and bliss,