“A profound shift happens in an instant…just be open to it” ~ Julia Maria

Are you HERE, by any chance, because you’re RIPE and READY to:

  • ditch the ‘crap’ that’s holding you back, and start feeling lighter and happier?
  • love and appreciate every part of you, the divine being that you are?
  • do what you love, and earn great money following your passion?
  • have a deep, heart-felt connection to all life on Earth?
  • repair and uplift all the relationships with the people you love?

If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to at least three of the above questions, then you’re definitely in the right place, and I think you owe it to yourself to keep reading…

What I’m about to share with you is truly amazing, life changing, and it’s already positively impacted many lives. So, join the revolution, the new age of love and joy, and the  radical new ways of getting ourselves attuned to this amazing vibration! These gifts are being given for the benefit of all, so we can each transition with ease and grace, and live in harmony with the Universal Energy!


Julia Maria

Julia Maria

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Hi, my name is Julia. I’m not a saint or a guru, but I am a Master Healer. I haven’t always known that, in fact I’ve only known that for about a year and a half. It came to me one night in what you might call a divine download…just like that. Of course I didn’t believe it, I thought I just made it up. It even came with its own name, the Pure Light Energy Transmission™, or PLET™ for short. I had to test it on a friend, and when we both felt it, I knew it was real. Then I got really scared! “What does this mean? Who am I? What am I supposed to do with this gift? How am I going to explain it to my mom and dad lol?” So I asked God who I was, and what I was supposed to do with this. The answer was: ”you are an energy healer, Julia.” Okee dokee. So here I am, a year and a half later. Not only did I get the gift of the remote energy healing, I got a download of a 12 step program (more about that later..), and a flower colour therapy method, with the name of “Essentia Light Vibrations™”, or ELVS™ for short, all in a period of about three weeks. So simple and all divinely perfect.

“All divinely perfect for what?” you might ask. A fair question. I didn’t know myself, so I had to test it on me, my family and friends…and their friends…and their dogs…you get the gist. It turns out, everybody gets exactly what they need from this energy. “Exactly what they need to do what?” you might ask again. Aha! This is where it gets really cool. It turns out, it’s here to bring us all back to who we really are, the perfect divine beings of love and light! We all ‘get out of whack’ to some degree, some of us more than others, and we suffer. Believe me, I can attest to that first hand, since evidently as a ‘healer in training’, I was given a very handsome ‘load’ to swim in. Yup, it’s not pretty while you’re in it…in fact it down right stinks! No wonder the word ‘crap’ is what we usually refer to it as. Fortunately for us, our divine makeup is such, that we’re programmed to keep transforming closer and closer to our joyful, creative selves, every chance we get. So this energy is like a catalyst to help us do just that. Whether you need to heal your body, or your heart, or both, it will help you do that. If you need to transform and release some old emotional patterns (I’m sooo good at this one!), to lighten the ‘load’, it’ll help you with that, as well. Animals are wonderful subjects too, since they embrace the energy fully trusting, and heal very quickly.

So far, the side effects of giving and receiving this energy for me? My heart grew bigger and softer, and so will yours.


  • Am I perfect now?
  • Is my life completely smooth and devoid of any suffering?
  • Have I reached enlightenment?

The answer to all of the above questions is a big resounding NO!!!

  • Am I happier, more joyous and experiencing the divine perfection of life more often?
  • Have I discovered my purpose, and am completely, insanely passionate about what I do?
  • Do I feel more connected to all life in general, and my family and friends in particular?
  • Am I able to give more love to myself and others, feel more compassion and tenderness towards all living beings?

The answer to all of the above questions is a big resounding YES!!!

If you relate to anything I’ve just said, and want to find more ‘YOU’ in your own life, then I invite you to have a look around, and see if there is anything here that whispers your name. You’ll know, because you’ll hear it…so listen ever so carefully.

With love and light, and all the messy imperfection of life,

Julia Maria Lloyd, Master Healer

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Lorraine! I’m so happy my story inspired you in some way. After all, we’re all here to inspire each other 🙂 Judging from the name of your website, you’re responsible for bringing a few smiles to people’s faces as well!

  1. Julia I wanted to come over and visit your website, it is done wonderfully. I enjoyed learning more of your passion to help. Take Care!
    Blessings Carol Cook

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