Animal Healing


  • physical illness?
  • separation anxiety?
  • aggression toward other animals?
  • trauma experienced in their past?

Pure Light Energy Transmission™ (PLET™) is remote, your animal can be treated at home.

This energy not only helps beautifully with the physical healing, but it also helps release any stored traumatic energy from the animal’s past. In dogs, for example, it shows up as separation anxiety. It may take a few sessions, but the results are usually pretty quick, and pretty dramatic.

PRICE: $48 

A BUNDLE OF 4: Buy four and save yourself a bundle! You save money, AND your animal gets the help they need!

PRICE: US$156 (you save $36) 


Athena - The Gentle Barn


The Gentle Barn logo

Athena – she had been through a lot, before she came to The Gentle Barn. Her heart was broken, and even though we healed her body, she had the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, and she wasn’t trusting us. Athena had twelve energy sessions with Julia, and she started to do a lot better. She became a lot softer, and more trusting. Even though her eyes are still a bit sad, it’s nothing compared to what it used to be.”


~ Michelle, The Gentle Barn:


Dylan - The Gentle BarnThe Gentle Barn logo“We rescued Dylan after his owner passed away at home and Dylan had been forgotten. It took eight days before anyone discovered Dylan in the house and he had almost died from dehydration and hunger. When he came to The Gentle Barn he had very severe separation anxiety, which we worked hard to help him with. Recently, Dylan had been attacked by a dog and needed surgery on his neck, that’s when Julia started doing energy on him. The change in him was remarkable. , he healed physically really quickly. He now comes into the office to get his daily hug and kiss!”

~ Michelle, The Gentle Barn:


Claire - The Gentle BarnThe Gentle Barn logo“We rescued Claire from being slaughtered for Thanksgiving at 12 weeks old. She was physically sick and very scared when she first came to The Gentle Barn. Julia started doing the energy sessions with her almost immediately, and along with vet care she not only helped her recover physically but help us heal her heart. After she came out of the quarantine she joined the other turkeys in the barn and happily settled into the community. She now even jumps into our laps to be cuddled!

~ Michelle, The Gentle Barn:


Bubblegum - The Gentle BarnThe Gentle Barn logoBubblegum was rescued from a local Backyard Butcher and was very sick and scared when we got her. She witnessed and sustained more cruelty and abuse than any animal ever should. After she came to The Gentle Barn Bubblegum became the victim of bullying by another, larger goat who injured her hip. Julia started doing energy sessions with her after her injury and, along with chiropractic, helped heal her hip injury. During her energy sessions, Julia found that Bubblegum was holding onto a lot of trauma she witnessed at her past home and was able to help her release all that bad energy. She is now noticeably more happy and content because of her energy sessions!”

~ Michelle, The Gentle Barn:


Grace - The Gentle BarnThe Gentle Barn logoGrace came to us from a Veterinary College where she was used as a teaching instrument her entire life and had been mounted by a bull, her back legs crushed. After 3 years at The Gentle Barn we had healed her body but after 13 years of abuse she still did not trust us. Recently, being an older cow, Grace developed a digestive problem and, along with veterinary care, we asked Julia to give her energy. Her digestive problem was solved almost immediately and Julia was able to help her through some of her past trauma. Grace is now learning to trust us and will now approach small groups of children and people she trusts. This is HUGE for Grace and we are looking forward to the day when we will be able to cuddle with her!”

~ Michelle, The Gentle Barn:


Prince Charming - The Gentle Barn

The Gentle Barn logo“We rescued Prince Charming after he was abandoned at a boarding facility; the owner of the boarding facility didn’t want Prince Charming and was planning to shoot him. He worked hard for twenty years of his life and when he got too old to continue he was discarded. We decided he deserved to retire in peace. Recently, while Prince Charming was sleeping his legs collapsed under him and he was injured. That’s when we asked Julia to start giving him the energy and she helped him make a swift and full recovery!


~ Michelle, The Gentle Barn:

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