How to run your life & business ‘the hummingbird style’?

“How to run your life &business ‘the hummingbird style‘?”



“the hummingbird spirit symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being…”

Have you ever come in close contact with a hummingbird? Well I have, recently, and it left me in awe of its beauty, admiration for its abilities, and sheer love for this amazing little creature.

I was never able to get a good picture of a hummingbird, as one would never sit still long enough, until now. I couldn’t stop thinking that it wasn’t a mere coincidence that it appeared like that in front of me, and allowed me to come close and take pictures.

I felt there was a message there for me, and I became curious. I started to read up on the hummingbird as a spirit animal, and found out some fascinating things.

The message was perfect for me, and I decided to share it with you here, because I think it’s so universal, and applies to everything, from running a business, to life in general.

AND it’s summer, perfect time to lighten up, and look at everything from a slightly different angle.

Here are 5 great and fun tips on how to run your life and business ‘the hummingbird style’!:

Hummingbird Tip #1: Use the hummingbird spirit to lift up negativity.

When you’re faced with a challenging situation, or are being pulled down by the negativity around you, bring up the joyful image of the hummingbird in your mind. Use it to transform your state of mind, lighten up the mood, and help you see the situation in a new and positive light. It’s pretty much impossible to visualize the hummingbird, and not feel lightness and joy!

Hummingbird Tip #2: You can accomplish great things, no matter how small you start.

Don’t be deceived by the small size of a hummingbird. They’re extremely resilient and strong, and can travel great distances tirelessly, despite (or maybe because of) their size. When you’re inspired by their spirit, you’ll be able to accomplish what seems impossible to most, while keeping it light and enjoyable.

Hummingbird Tip #3: Conserve your energy, when you need to.

Hummingbirds have the amazing ability to travel extreme distances tirelessly, but they also have the uncanny ability to go into a state of semi-hibernation, when they need to conserve their resources. Their body temperature lowers, and their metabolism slows down considerably. I’m not suggesting you go into hibernation, but going at anything full throttle all the time is exhausting. Take a break, go for a walk, sit in peace and silence for a while…the hummingbird style!

Hummingbird Tip #4: Cherish your sensitivity, but become invincible.

Hummingbird wisdom will challenge you to become very adaptable, and be quick to respond to any demand. Even though you might be a very sensitive person, it’ll challenge you to stand strong while being able to move quickly and fly high, whether it’s through your personal, business, or spiritual aspirations.

Hummingbird Tip #5: A reminder to enjoy yourself!

The hummingbird spirit is a great reminder to enjoy the simple life’s pleasures, no matter what. Its wisdom carries an invitation to take part in, and attract to you, life’s sweetness, like drinking the nectar of your own flower. It is also an invitation to express love more fully in your daily existence.

I hope you enjoyed the whimsical, light-hearted tone of this article. Right in the spirit of the hummingbird: to lift us up from the sometimes intense, and even heavy energy of running our own business, and life in general. Perhaps it is a reminder that we also belong to this natural rhythm of things, where everything is designed to effortlessly run its course.

I’d love to see your input, questions or your own related experiences right in the comment section below this article.

With love and bliss,


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  1. Nice post… great reminders. And, of course… Love love love hummingbirds! I find they visit me when I need them the most!

    Thanks for a great post!

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