Energy Sessions


  • heal your life on all levels
  • feel better and have more energy
  • have less doubt and conflict
  • feel more love and joy every day
  • release ‘the ghosts’ of your past
  • be clear about your life’s purpose
  • do what you love, and enjoy a great life

Individual Healing Session

Pure Light Energy Transmission™ (PLET™) is remote, you don’t need to leave your home.

This beautiful energy works on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, depending on your focus. When you book your session, I will ask you to provide a picture of yourself (unless I already know what you look like), and your location. You will need to block about an hour of your time, and make sure you can be alone in a room for the actual energy transmission. To start your session, we will get together over the phone or skype, and we’ll talk about the most important thing you’d like to change in your life right now, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This will become our intention and focus for the session. I will also give you an affirmation to repeat to yourself during the session (and any other time from then on, whenever you like). Then you will be provided with instructions on how to prepare for the actual energy transmission. We will then disconnect from the phone or skype, and begin the transmission.


A BUNDLE OF 4: Buy four and save yourself a bundle! You save money, AND achieve deeper results! PRICE: US$300 (you save $84) 


“Before working with Julia I was always trying to be in control. I was stressed from not allowing life to flow and overwhelmed with my inability to control it all. After our session together I am able to let go of knowing exactly how things are going to work out and flow with life with much more ease. I feel lighter and more at peace than I did before. I find that I am able to breathe in the situations that I can’t instantly change. I am open to the Divinity within me and I allow Spirit to work her magic in my life. I smile more and I feel more confidence. The energy moving through me and around me was an amazing experience. Julia’s work is AMAZING.” ~ Yani Ransome, Florida


“So, Julia began by guiding me through a visualisation for clearing and releasing , which has continued to be very useful , and I am practicing this daily. The energy session was a mixture of light , something big leaving that made me feel restless and want to get up and distract myself, then a wonderful lifting of the crown with a host of turquoise butterflies hovering above my head , and down through the central chakra channel a movement of light passing through. After I felt very peaceful , and much lighter at the heart , and that has stayed for the first week. The longer term effects yet to be revealed as time passes!! It was lovely to work with Julia – felt very special.” ~ Viveka Bowry, United Kingdom


“Receiving PLET™ sessions from Julia has played a vital and impactful role in some recent HUGE inner transformations I’ve had. Each session gave me a sense of being completely relaxed, held and taken care of. The effects of each session were always different, as I always set different intentions for them, but I always seemed to get exactly what I needed. The most notable and consistent feeling I experienced afterwards was that of feeling “cleaner”, as if some old gunk that had been hanging around for years inside me had been gently but permanently wiped away. This work with Julia has been truly miraculous, and has helped me truly step into who I really am. As a result, I feel very much aligned and clear on who I am, what my life’s work is, and how to trust myself, so much so that I manifested my dream gig – working on my life-long mentor Neale Donald Walsch’s coaching team (author of best-selling Conversations with God books)! Julia’s sessions definitely helped make that a reality, she is a wonderful healer and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.” ~ Nova Wightman, CPCC, , Minnesota


“I have experienced absolute love, expansion and a visceral awareness of energy moving in my body as a result of working with Julia Maria Lloyd. I feel that the shifts that I desired and the intentions that I set for our session exceeded the expectations that I held. I am confident that my life has become more full, the love that I feel in my life is deeper and more rich and I am able to live life with an openness that I have never experienced before working with Julia. I love her confidence and openness to Life, and feel that Julia’s Intentions are Honest and Pure, it feels like being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket of Love.” ~ Cassandra Lyons, Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Connect to Their InnerCalling and Creating the Life & Business of Their Dreams!Through Empowerment & Fulfillment Coaching,


“My energy sessions with Julia are an absolute treat and special way for me to feel filled up with love, peace, and connection with myself. I love taking time out of my day for myself and feel like I’m being hugged with the warmth coming from Julia. I especially appreciate it on the days when I’m feeling tired and weak need a little assistance getting centered and connected to the love within myself. When I open myself up to the light she’s sending me I walk through the rest of my day and week with more patience, forgiveness, and a softer outlook on the experiences around me.” ~ Nicole, Minneapolis, MN


“Over the years Julia has opened my eyes to a variety of alternative healing arts which she’s made available at just the right moment, helping me through some very rough times and getting me moving forward in the most positive light on a mind, body and soul level. She is a well balanced, natural born and very gifted healer that gives herself wholeheartedly to her practice, allowing the flow of universal healing energy to manifest integrated health for those she treats. I am so grateful for Julia’s sharing of her wise, loving and skillful ways, she is a sweet and grounded energy worker who understands the oneness of being inherently. Respect and gratitude in saecula saeculorum.”

~ Marcy Solis de Ovando, BC, Canada


“I was amazed at how intuitive Julia was right off the bat! I felt an instant connection through her compassion and understanding! After speaking on the phone for a half an hour, she prepared me for a long distance energy session where I continued to feel that connection with Julia, who was some 3,000 miles away. Julia clearly has a strong spiritual, healing gift from which I derived some profound awakenings! Thank you Julia!” ~ Libby Rieke


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