Is Your Money Story Blocking Your Personal Growth?

“Is Your Money Story Blocking Your Personal Growth?”


Do you think this is true for you? My guess is most people won’t pair these two things together. Why? Because most of us are not even aware that we have a ‘money story’, let alone how it affects all aspects of our lives.

The truth is, we all do, whether we know it or not. Our ‘money story’ is something we grew up with, something our parents modelled to us, and their parents to them. It’s deeply rooted in generations of family and social traditions. It’s ‘how things are done’, and have always been done.

If I could have a show of hands here, I’d ask this: “How many of you are in business, not just to make money, but also because you believe in what you do, and in the difference you’re making in the world?” Right, I see lots of hands, including mine.

Then, I’d ask another question: “How many of you are finding that making money in your business is not as easy as you thought it would be?” Again, a sea of hands.

This is exactly what I found out, soon after I started my beloved, purpose driven, precious business. The fear of running out of money and having to give up, self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm all started to creep in. Not a good situation, right?

I had just experienced an amazing personal transformation before starting my business, was feeling happy and in my power, and ready to be of service to others…and then I ran into this wall. I could have easily given up, but fortunately my dogged stubbornness took over, so I decided to dig deeper instead, and find out what was blocking me on my path to a life I had dreamed of for so long.

I’m sharing my experience with you here, as I know for a fact that at least some of you are going through something similar. I didn’t want to fail myself, and I don’t want you to fail, either. Why? Because I really believe that we all have a hell of a lot to contribute to this world, and to each other. Let’s not allow something as silly as money take us down. What do you say?

So allow me for a moment to speak the naked truth as I know it: we either get help soon, figure out ‘our money story’ and move past it…or we run out of money, and have to wave goodbye to our dream forever! Sounds brutal, doesn’t it?

OK, enough with the doom and gloom. I wouldn’t even be talking to you about this, if I didn’t already know there is a solution to this problem.

So here’s the GOOD NEWS: with proper guidance and tools, a bit of reframing, and taking the right actions, it’s easy to change your money story! Does it take work, commitment and dedication to your dream? Of course it does. Without that, we needn’t even bother. But not only does it result in more money flowing into your business and your life, but also has a wide ranging positive ‘ripple effect’ into all areas of your life. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Here’s the thing: money is neither good nor bad. Money is just money. On the other hand, how we handle money is a mirror for us, an easily measurable reflection of what’s going on deeper within us. There is a saying “how you do money is how you do everything”, and I find it to be very true. So for example, if I don’t have the courage to charge what I’m worth, it’s because I don’t really believe in the value of my work…true? Deep inside I don’t really believe in my own value…you get the point.

So I want to leave you today with a couple of useful tips, to get you started on the way to healing your money story:

Tip #1:

Think of one money conversation that comes up regularly in your life, that you feel uncomfortable about having. Are you afraid of not being liked, of being rejected…or what is the fear for you? What if being afraid of this were no longer important to you? What would this conversation look like for you then?

Tip #2:

Think of one negative belief about money you have (“money is bad”, “rich people are bad”…etc.), and then decide that this is no longer true for you. You’ll see how things start shifting for you almost immediately.

Life is good, and there is an amazing abundance in the world that is just chomping at the bit to enter your life…you just have to stop deflecting it!

I love hearing from you, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about this subject. Please, enter your comments below this blog post.

Have a beautiful day.

With Love and Bliss,


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2 thoughts on “Is Your Money Story Blocking Your Personal Growth?

  1. This is SO SO spot-on! I’ve found it to be true in my own life and am so happy to know that there are teachers out there, like you, spreading the word to others. It’s not easy to change overnight, of course, and reversing deep-seeded beliefs takes time and focus. But I’m light years ahead of where I used to be – and am currently trying to help my own community get on the right track as well.

    • Thanks for your great input Jen! Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Before I did all the work around my money mindset…it really sucked haha. I love empowering women in particular around money, because this is our time…truly, it’s been long enough, and it’s time to get us some feminine money power….

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