Which ‘money character’ are you?

Which ‘money character’ are you?


It’s ironic that as humans we invented money to make our lives easier, but over time it’s become one of the most complex reflections of our inner psyche, of who we are as individuals and of our society.

Seriously though, when you think about it, how many people do you know who don’t have any issues with money? I’m not only talking about the basic issue of not having enough, although this one is the most common one, but also about the myriad of other things that pop up whenever money is mentioned.

I’ve done a lot of work around my own money mindset, as I realized that it was stopping me from really stepping out into the world in a way that I desired and was called to do. Am I perfect with it yet? No, of course not. It’s a process that happens over time, with coaching, and with being an entrepreneur and having to deal with money on daily basis. Am I much better at it now? Heck yeah!

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to change any limiting money beliefs, and free yourself from the shackles J

Just for fun, I wanted to show you some archetypal ‘money characters’, to see if you can identify yourself, or anyone you know, in any of these:

  1. The Cringers – you see their facial expression change, the moment the subject of money comes up. It might be subtle (or not), but they cringe, as if to say “not this again”. Somewhere deep inside they hold the notion that money is the root of all evil, and they’re not going to contribute to the spread of it!
  2. The Avoiders – they never talk about money themselves, and if it is mentioned by someone else, they immediately change the subject, or pretend they never even heard what was said. They’d much rather live in a world without money, and try very hard to pretend it is already so, to their own detriment.
  3. The Spenders – their eyes light up when they think of money. They love money, but it never seems to stick around! They love the glitter that money can buy, ‘saving for a rainy day’…not so much.
  4. The Hoarders – they love money, and they never want to part with any of it…no matter what. They’re like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter…except then spring and summer come…and they’re still gathering nuts. The time to enjoy the fruits of their labour never comes.
  5. The Givers– they’d give the proverbial shirts off their backs, and when it comes to money, they tend to lend money to people who are not very likely to pay them back. Why? Because somewhere along the way they’d been told that they don’t matter so much, and that others are more important. They don’t consciously believe it, but it shows up everywhere in their lives.

The funny thing is that we’re not really talking about money here, are we? We’re talking about something much deeper and fundamental: we’re talking about how we show up in the world, how much we’re able to contribute to the world, how well equipped we are to use our full potential, how fulfilling and satisfying our lives end up being. True?

I believe so. I believe that the work we do to fine-tune our money mindset is far reaching. It is the gateway to fulfilling our spiritual path, which really is the same thing as fulfilling our human potential, our purpose.

Women especially tend to have a much more complex relationship with money, and with our own self-worth. It especially starts to show up in a big way as soon as we start our own business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts here on my blog.

With Love and Bliss,



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