5 Easy Way to Get New Clients Now!

5 Easy Way to Get New Clients Now!Clients-Now-300

I just wanted to jump in and give you a few of my best tips on getting new clients now. It is
summer, and a lot of people are slowing down and relaxing…and you should too. On the other hand, if your cash flow is not taken care of, it’s hard to relax, knowing that your rent is coming up and there is no money! Been there, done that, and don’t want you to suffer.

So, I just ask that you be open to these tips, and not discard any possibility right off the bat. It really is worth trying some of these methods, as they are tried and true. Go into it with good energy, be in service, and go for it!

Tip #1: Create easy VIP Intensives

Creating really hot 5 or 6 hour VIP Intensives, either live or virtual, is the fastest and easiest way I know of to enroll new clients! Most of your clients are probably very busy professional people, and they don’t have a lot of free time. Learning in this kind of format is very fast and effective, and busy professionals are willing to pay good money to be taken through this process.

Tip #2: Offer a new service to an existing client

If your client is at the end of their current program, offer them a way to continue with you. This is a great way to be completely in service, and at the same time ensure a continual flow of clients. If they’ve been in a group program, perhaps they’re ready to work 1:1 with you, or upgrade to your Diamond Program. Offering them one of your VIP Intensives is always a good idea, for reasons I already mentioned, even if they’ve already taken one of your VIP Day Intensives. They’re now in a different place, and need your help on a different level.

Tip #3: Ask your clients for referrals

This is always a great idea. To make it easy for them, you could even write the email copy you want them to send. The point of the email is to invite the reader to a Discovery Session with you. Keep it brief and friendly, but also juicy enough, so that they understand the benefit of potentially working with you. Then ask your client to email it to a minimum of 5 people they know would be a great fit working with you.

Tip #4: Host an informal in-person event

You could invite local people you know, who could be your ideal clients, your past clients, or by placing strategic ads in the local papers, or bulletin boards. This doesn’t have to be a big deal, ask some friends to bring their friends. Spending a couple of hours with you in person is gold, and is easy to show people how you can help them solve a specific problem. Make the title of the gathering specific to solving one problem that you know your potential clients have, that you’re an expert in.

Tip #5: Offer a complimentary Discovery Session with a sale of a product

Dust off or create a simple product, and offer it at a sale price for limited time. As a limited time bonus, offer a complementary Discovery Session with you. These Discovery Sessions can easily turn into clients.

Do you have any client getting tips that you want to share? I’d love to see them in the comments.

Play hard, work smart, and live your bliss!



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