Kim MuirheadJulia has been the perfect coach for me.  She’s incredibly intuitive and instead of following her course specifics to the letter, she worked with me in the way I needed, guiding me to heal and release where ready so that I was able to integrate the work we did, move forward through my fears and see results.  Julia is professional and very enjoyable to work with and I was thrilled to be able to receive her coaching via Skype from the comfort of my own home.  Julia has helped me begin to change my beliefs about money, been fun, creative, firm yet kind, moving between my comfort zone and outside of it so that I enjoyed the process yet was still learning and expanding – both my inner world and outer experiences.  I am grateful for her compassion, which also helped me deal with some issues in my life.  I highly recommend her and am looking forward to working with her again.  Thank you, Julia!

Kim Muirhead, www.QuantumofSolaceHealing.com

Jennifer-Knowlan 200During my time working with Julia, I went from sharing a room in a clinic and having six spots for clients a week to practising in my own space and having twelve spots for clients a week. I took my newsletter from 0 to 192 subscribers in just three months, and have now designed a signature program I can’t wait to try out. I built a testimonial page on my website that’s still growing, and continue to get new clients through this and my Facebook page, another marketing avenue Julia encouraged me to grow. With Julia’s support, I booked my own booth at our local trade show and hosted an open house when I moved into my new space. All of this was unimaginable before I started working with Julia! Julia also helped me set clear boundaries, encouraged me to raise my prices, and walked me through creating my first free gift – a video showing people how to balance their brains in two minutes (check it out on my website!). Now I am much more confident in myself and my practise, and now when the fears come I have many more tools to deal with them! I recommend Julia highly, and encourage you, if you’re thinking about it, to take the leap into working with her. It’s SO worth it!!!!” – J.Knowlan, CBP, www.innerbalancehealing.ca 

Meriflor Toneatto“The Sacred Money Archetypes has profoundly changed my relationship with money and positively impacted my life in amazing ways, including building a highly fulfilling and profitable business. Integrating the Sacred Money Archetypes in my work enables me to empower other amazing women entrepreneurs to share their gifts and brilliance with the world while also generating fabulous income!” ~ Meriflor Toneatto, www.powerwithsoul.com

Kelly Perreur-Lloyd“After working with Sacred Money Archetypes I no longer feel guilty when talking about money with my clients. I feel comfortable discussing payment and following up if payment isn’t received. As well as helping with the finances of my business, SMA also helped with my personal financial habits. Setting up schedules to pay bills and check my balances have helped me be aware of where I spend money and not miss any payments. I am very glad I took the program!” ~ Kelly Perreur-Lloyd, www.kellyperreurlloyd.com
Nova“Working with Julia and the Sacred Money Archetypes was really illuminating for me in many ways. I’m just going to mention two things here. First of all, I found out that Nurturer was my top Archetype…which wasn’t a surprise. I love being a nurturer, but what I didn’t fully realize was how much I was prioritizing others over myself. Through this work I realized how much more effective and generous I can be when I honor my own needs first, and then give to others from that new place of power and love. It just feels so much more authentic, and eliminates resentment altogether. My second big ‘a-ha’ relates to my coaching business and money. During one of our sessions, we uncovered that by keeping my Intake Sessions to the allotted time, and not feeling compelled to over-deliver, I could  potentially bring in another $8,500 a year…how easy is that?!” ~ Nova Wightman, www.gowithincoaching.com or  www.nealedonaldwalsch.com
Andrea Carter“Most people who see me think that I am extremely confident in what I do, but until Sacred Money Archetypes I really struggled with my confidence because I was always so worried about being liked. I didn’t want to put myself out there because I was fearful of being judged and being put down. My primary archetype is the Ruler, which is all about creating an empire. Being in this space was not only keeping me small, it was disabling me from being authentic to my true essence. I am meant to show others how to create all of the joys in life that I experience daily, that is one of my authentic gifts. Since Sacred Money Archetypes the shift I’ve made has been nothing short of miraculous. My programs are filling, my students are excited and making just as many transformations as I’ve made. It has been amazing! I am so grateful to the program!” ~Andrea Carter, andreacarter.com
Jennifer-Knowlan 200“I loved my ‘Shed Your Money Blocks and Charge What You’re Worth!’ VIP Day with Julia. She was great to work with and helped me break through barriers gently but firmly! My biggest “aha” was really understanding at a heart level that there is no “objective reality” behind my excuses – they’re just my own hangups and fears and anxieties. I’m the one limiting myself! We did some exercises that got me out of the fear and into taking specific actions toward my goals. We also did a money visualization that changed the way I feel about money. I realized that money can be my friend and I can work with it as a force for good in the world. I’m so excited to take this new attitude forward!” ~ Jennifer Knowlan, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), www.innerbalancehealing.ca

Kim PageBefore working with the Sacred Money Archetypes I struggled to enroll clients and ask for the money. I would stop myself feeling that I was always asking for too much and believing potential client could not afford it. It seemed as if the money conversation stirred up feelings of guilt and a huge lump in my throat! During the program, I found a sense of peace about using my talents to make money. I stopped feeling guilty about my money desires and realized my financial destiny is tied to my ability to leverage my natural abilities to create money and to deny this was to deny the divine within. With no split between money and purpose, I doubled my prices and asked client to join me at my new price thus raising my income to the 6-figure mark with grace and ease.” ~ Kim Page. www.PotentialToProsperity.com
Nachhi RandhawaSince working with the Sacred Money Archetypes, my life and business have transformed in countless ways. As a Nurturer and Celebrity, I realized that I often gave away so much which always left me feeling depleted, both in terms of money and always giving away my time to nearly everyone without a second thought. By understanding and working with my archetypes, I learned that I can still add great value to others while honoring my own boundaries. And as a result, I’ve grown my client base. They sense the confidence of a woman strong in her boundaries yet soft in her approach, which is very alluring and filling my world with the most amazing people. And the beautiful thing is that this feeling spirals into everything else. I feel immensely blessed to have learned and to work with this amazing body of work. ~ Nachhi Randhawa, www.nachhi.com
Isabel ManciasSMA has been something that I dreamed off, I always wanted to dig in myself and search for the reason of some many questions about money. Today I can say with a big smile that I learned how to love money and money is loving me back, is so magical and is quite difficult to describe it. I’m Maverick, romantic and accumulator and now I love this in myself so much and I can see how the magic is around me not only in my business, but in all my life. I’m so thankful with this program not only because is changing my life, also because is helping me to change the life of my clients. Isabel Mancias

Rozlyn-WarrenSince discovering my Sacred Money Archetypes and working with my brilliant coach, I have stepped into truly honoring who I am at my core. This shift has shaken loose years of doubt and self-sabotage and freed me to shine my unique light brightly! I have held more Strategy Sessions in the last 2 weeks than I have total in my whole career! And have added 2 new clients into my Platinum program. The last client paid up front – in full! I am LOVING this shift in my financial identity!! And because of the Sacred Money Archetype work, this was easy and fun! Just what I want from my business!! Yipee!! Rozlyn Warren  

Iris ZtarSacred Money Archetypes has been life changing for me. For years I was concerned at how I loved spending money until I found out I was a Celebrity at heart and loving money and the visibility it affords me is perfectly perfect for me. Now I am brave enough to finally step into my role of being the leader that the Celebrity Archetype is and I learnt that what I love to do more than anything is help others step into their power with money and give themselves the gifts of luxury that they were denying themselves. It’s taken me two days to create a new website for my business that previously I procrastinated over for more than 4 months. I’m ready to step into my role of helping others fulfil their financial destiny, heal their relationship with money and step into their power. Iris Ztarr

Maiyah OlivasSince beginning the SMA work, I have attracted an unexpected $2600, which completely paid for my investment. Additionally, I cleaned up my end of a confusing situation, receiving another $2000 in cash and $7000 worth of credit in coaching and website services. And all of this has happened while I have been challenged in dealing with my dad’s very difficult health situation. In fact, I was able to find a portable wheelchair for $10, which saved us $170! I see huge potential for even more financial benefit once I master the principles! In total, SMA has made $12,770 worth of impact in my life already. Mayiah Olivas

Orgena RoseWithin hours of learning my Sacred Money Archetypes a lifelong inner struggle was released and I was approached by a new client who brought in over $35,000 IN ONE DAY! This is a POWERFUL program that has helped me step up to my highest and best life by helping others step up to theirs with powerful music! I’m even taking it a step further and launching a new TV show to shine a light on those who are letting their light shine! Orgena Rose

Janis PullenSince I was introduced to the Sacred Money Archetypes and learned that I am Celebrity, I came out of hiding and let go of my shyness. I embraced Celebrity with a new mantra, “Visibility = Profitability.” I then began holding speaking engagements – at least 4 per month, when I had never done so before. Celebrity, along with Nurturer and Ruler (those top three are only one point apart from each other) helped me to see how it’s time to put my vision into reality, to step up to the plate, and to launch the O.W.L. Certification Program NOW…not “someday.” I have made more money in 4 months than I made in all of last year. I recommend to anyone that you enroll with Julia Maria Lloyd, and get this valuable information as soon as possible. Your world will transform, and you will rock! Janis Pullen
Becky Jones BenesSince being introduced to the Sacred Money Archetypes and working to align my sacred money contract, I have broken through the fear of investing money in myself and in my business which is paramount for an Accumulator. I have hired a VA and contracted out a bookkeeper to help me manage my business freeing up my time to meet new clients. I have also had my first ever $18,000 month. Not only has my business gained momentum, my family is indulging in life for the first time. We actually went to a very nice restaurant for desserts to celebrate grades, National Honor Society induction and my big month. My children cried and felt so honored. I am forever grateful to this program. Becky Jones Benes

Nora CabreraWorking with Sacred Money Archetypes has been life changing for me. I uncovered an incredibly deep seated belief about needing to take care of everyone around me first so that I could then be VALUED. This belief was draining my energy and I was definitely overextended with “always” helping others first, usually at the expense of myself and my business while constantly giving away my expertise to show my value. Well no more! As a Connector and Nurturer, I still bring people together and support them authentically but I do it from a place of power with healthy boundaries (the power was my hidden Ruler!) I can honestly say I am completely transformed in regards to how I view money and my relationship to it. This investment is literally priceless and I know I will continue to reap the rewards of having had the courage to invest in myself through Sacred Money Archetypes. Nora Cabrera, Texas

Lourdes GantSince the training started I attracted almost $140,000 in windfall money and today I just gave a session with millionaire someone (he’s a recruiter I met in the couples connection retreat my husband and I attended) who wants to refer me to his multi-million dollar CEO clients. Good or good? :) And yes, I’m bragging ha ha. Lourdes Gant, Canada

Saskia Jennings de QuaastenietI cannot believe the shift that is happening with regards to Money. As true Connector I have no real relationship with money…until NOW!! I daily check in with my Archetypes and align my tasks with my ‘Sacred Money Contract’ in order to reach my goals. I have started to love money and made a powerful decision to move from rural to BIG city so I can build that Big Empire with my Ruler with Speaking and connecting with lots of others. It really empowers me to live my Big Vision, in alignment with my purpose. Within 4 weeks of stepping into my Sacred Money Archetypes I created almost $ 4,000. I’m so grateful and feel loved. Saskia Jennings, Canada
My sacred money archetypes session with Julia was eye opening. I’d heard of the archetypes before, but hadn’t explored what my personal archetypes were. With Julia’s guidance, we explored my top three and the results were really interesting. The combination explained many of my patterns and I was able to see how those archetypes worked both for me and against me in certain situations. The session was great. It gave me a lot to think about and offered a format that I could work with to enhance my money and my business moving forward. General information is good in these areas, but knowing your own personal patterns makes the world of difference. Thank you Julia! Kate Winch, Australia 
The session was more like a compact of key points that held things up for me to look at honestly. I was able to focus more deeply & confront my situation. I was at ease and could feel the energy that Julia was flowing positively. I am impressed and will consider doing future work. Morshia Ellis, NYC  
 Every time I connect with Julia, it is like getting a fix…that tops me up, ready to greet the world, as with her guidance, I delve more and more within, discovering and transforming, my darkness to light. It is like being with an old friend who has been with me on a long journey…such is the connection she commands, with love. And it makes one realise that all is well !! with her guidance!

Sacred Money Archetypes  are really exciting, and so much more than they appear to be at first glance, especially when Julia explains all they are to you, and your life, explaining both their positive and negative influences. The thoughts and traits I have carried thus far, can hinder or help my financial success, but they also influence sooo many other aspects like Self Worth, Guilt, Fear to name just a few. It helped me understand why my life and my financial world has been so topsy turvey. But, never fear, Julia is here…with her wisdom, guidance, and expertise to guide me to happiness within, and without!!!! With Love and Gratitude, Judi NZ 

 Julia so kindly gave me a peek inside her program called “Sizzle Your Brand”. The experience was just amazing, and opened my eyes to so many things…about the way I think about myself, as well as my business dreams. Julia’s session was like an explosion of colour, as she guided me to connect, whole” heart”edly with my brand, and magically opened the door within me…sizzling with excitement , at the possibilities of my business brand. Julia has covered all bases with this inspiring course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in business, or considering the possibilities of. I do believe the whole journey would be of benefit to all, as Julia has the most beautiful manner, in which she takes you on a journey of self- discovery. She is gentle, humorous, and wise, radiating Light, Love and Awesomeness! You will go forward in leaps and bounds, as you Sizzle Your Brand, using your very own unique awesomeness, and potential which has been unleashed by Julia…. In Love and gratitude, Judi NZ 



Amanda I feel blessed to have connected with Julia, while building my new direction in business. After our sessions together there was a major emotional clearing. I am now feeling more present and connected, clearer and a lot more grounded. I am especially grateful for her “gremlin chaser” release technique, which really helped with integration of our sessions. This is helping me move forward in my business where I had been stuck previously. My mum visited soon after one of the sessions – and we had a much more easeful time than any other time we have spent together. Thank you Julia! Amanda Stiler, California 

“Receiving sessions from Julia has played a vital and impactful role in some recent HUGE inner transformations I’ve had. Each session gave me a sense of being completely relaxed, held and taken care of. The effects of each session were always different, as I always set different intentions for them, but I always seemed to get exactly what I needed. The most notable and consistent feeling I experienced afterwards was that of feeling “cleaner”, as if some old gunk that had been hanging around for years inside me had been gently but permanently wiped away. This work with Julia has been truly miraculous, and has helped me truly step into who I really am. As a result, I feel very much aligned and clear on who I am, what my life’s work is, and how to trust myself, so much so that I manifested my dream gig – working on my life-long mentor Neale Donald Walsch’s coaching team (author of best-selling Conversations with God books)! Julia’s sessions definitely helped make that a reality, she is a wonderful healer and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.” ~ Nova Wightman, CPCC, , Minnesota www.gowithincoaching.com http://www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/index.php?p=Doc&c=lifecoaching


 Alaina…I was secretly thinking I was going to have to “act” like I felt something through this work.  Well, I REALLY DID!!!  I felt it then and I’ve continued to “feel” and “see” changes in myself.  I highly recommend Julia’s Instant Core Connection Program!  Her passion for her work, for her own energetic liberation and that of her clients is genuine, powerful, and profound. www.AlainaOdessa.com 

 AnneJulia is amazing! Before working with Julia, I was wondering if it would make much of a difference in my being, as I’ve been struggling with some issues that have been holding me back for some time. But I was amazed at the transformation that occurred from just one time with Julia. I felt as if the world had been lifted from my shoulders and without a bunch of “talking” I felt I had actually been cleared from some negative beliefs and patterns. The week following I definitely felt very emotional and was able to clear even more. I was worried that maybe this was just a temporary transformation, but I can say that without a doubt that I can feel that the power of her work has stayed with me. Anne Cleveland, www.lifebalanceforparents.com .”Creating Harmony In the Home” A Revolutionary Family Lifestyle Makeover To Help You Confidently Prepare Your Child For A Complex and Changing World!  

“Before working with Julia I was always trying to be in control. I was stressed from not allowing life to flow and overwhelmed with my inability to control it all. After our session together I am able to let go of knowing exactly how things are going to work out and flow with life with much more ease. I feel lighter and more at peace than I did before. I find that I am able to breathe in the situations that I can’t instantly change. I am open to the Divinity within me and I allow Spirit to work her magic in my life. I smile more and I feel more confidence. The energy moving through me and around me was an amazing experience. Julia’s work is AMAZING.” ~ Yani Ransome, Florida http://www.mylifeknx.com/ 
“The work I did with Julia through the ‘Radical B.L.I.S.S.’  program has given me a lot of strength and peace, has changed my whole outlook on life. I get up every day with joy in my heart, and more certainty that today will be a good day. I have much more understanding and empathy towards other people and situations. I’ve become much more trusting and patient, less nervous and tense. I have a much better connection with myself. I’ve become a better version of me! My whole work situation has changed. Before, I couldn’t get any contracts for months, now I have more work than I know what to do with, and not just any work, but things I love to do. I’m also much more clear about what my passions are, and am working on bringing lots of it into my life. I’ve also started to look after myself much better, I eat healthier, and I’ve lost some weight, which was very hard for me to do before I took this program. I’ve also just booked my dream trip to NYC, LA and SF! ” ~ Paulina Gawecka, Warsaw,Poland
“I’m very grateful to Julia for the Radical B.L.I.S.S. program. It is a process of transformation, that has a lot of levels, and it’s up to each one of us how deep we go. I really wanted this, and was ready for the changes. I was getting the transformational energy, and a lot of support from Julia. There were days during this process, when everything was happening as if by magic. I was able to attend to and resolve things in my life that I kept putting off before. After the first month on the program, I decided to be kinder to myself, and stop eating sugar and white flour. This wasn’t anything new, as I already tried it in the past, but then couldn’t wait to eat something delicious and bad for me. What was different and amazing this time, was that I wasn’t even thinking about it! It has been painless. I’m slowly becoming the person I want to be, and I’m certain that I will succeed. Other things have also changed. It has become much more clear to me what I really want to be doing, what my passion is. A few weeks ago I applied for a grant from the EU, to start my dream business, and I just found out I got it! Thank you Julia!” ~ Dorota Karpinska, Warsaw, Poland


“I have experienced absolute love, expansion and a visceral awareness of energy moving in my body as a result of working with Julia Maria Lloyd. I feel that the shifts that I desired and the intentions that I set for our session exceeded the expectations that I held. I am confident that my life has become more full, the love that I feel in my life is deeper and more rich and I am able to live life with an openness that I have never experienced before working with Julia. I love her confidence and openness to Life, and feel that Julia’s Intentions are Honest and Pure, it feels like being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket of Love.” ~ Cassandra Lyons, Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Connect to Their InnerCalling and Creating the Life & Business of Their Dreams!Through Empowerment & Fulfillment Coaching, healingfromwithinmn@gmail.com http://healingfromwithinmn.com

“I was amazed at how intuitive Julia was right off the bat! I felt an instant connection through her compassion and understanding! After speaking on the phone for a half an hour, she prepared me for a long distance energy session where I continued to feel that connection with Julia, who was some 3,000 miles away. Julia clearly has a strong spiritual, healing gift from which I derived some profound awakenings! Thank you Julia!” ~ Libby Rieke
“My energy sessions with Julia are an absolute treat and special way for me to feel filled up with love, peace, and connection with myself. I love taking time out of my day for myself and feel like I’m being hugged with the warmth coming from Julia. I especially appreciate it on the days when I’m feeling tired and weak need a little assistance getting centered and connected to the love within myself. When I open myself up to the light she’s sending me I walk through the rest of my day and week with more patience, forgiveness, and a softer outlook on the experiences around me.” ~ Nicole, Minneapolis, MN

“Over the years Julia has opened my eyes to a variety of alternative healing arts which she’s made available at just the right moment, helping me through some very rough times and getting me moving forward in the most positive light on a mind, body and soul level. She is a well balanced, and very gifted coach and healer that gives herself wholeheartedly to her practice, allowing the flow of universal healing energy to manifest integrated health for those she treats. I am so grateful for Julia’s sharing of her wise, loving and skillful ways, she is a sweet and grounded person, who understands the oneness of being inherently. Respect and gratitude in saecula saeculorum.” ~ Marcy Solis de Ovando, BC, Canada
J. A.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Yes, almost half of it was dark and heavy, as if it was showing me my previous life. A warrior of sort. Definitely a rebellious  leader ( maybe this is where my being a maverick comes from haha). It felt like it was showing me my core as a leader with purpose and vision. It was intense and there were moments of lightness. Towards the end I also felt a jolt, like walking me up from my slumber. It was a very enlightening experience. Thank you for helping me release those past blocks. The mantra was also perfect. It was exactly what I needed. I realized I’ve been holding on to my professional title for some sort of appreciation and love from people, measuring my worth by it . I’ve realized that the people who matter to me the most love and support me in whatever I do. Thank you Julia! J.A. BC, Canada
“So, Julia began by guiding me through a visualisation for clearing and releasing , which has continued to be very useful , and I am practicing this daily. The energy session was a mixture of light , something big leaving that made me feel restless and want to get up and distract myself, then a wonderful lifting of the crown with a host of turquoise butterflies hovering above my head , and down through the central chakra channel a movement of light passing through. After I felt very peaceful , and much lighter at the heart , and that has stayed for the first week. The longer term effects yet to be revealed as time passes!! It was lovely to work with Julia – felt very special.” ~ Viveka Bowry, United Kingdom www.vivekabowry.co.uk 










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