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Pure Light Energy Transmission™ (PLET™) is remote, you don’t need to leave your home. Buy now, or book a 25 minute Discovery Session  (at no cost to you), to explore which services and programs are best suited to your needs.

Individual Healing Session THIS IS FOR YOU, IF YOU’RE READY TO:

  • heal your life on all levels
  • feel better and have more energy
  • have less doubt and conflict
  • feel more love and joy every day
  • release ‘the ghosts’ of your past
  • be clear about your life’s purpose
  • do what you love, and enjoy a great life

This beautiful energy works on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, depending on your focus. Choose a single session, if it’s your first time, or you need a ‘booster’. details + rave reviews

PRICE: US$96  

A BUNDLE OF 4: Buy four and save yourself a bundle! You save money, AND achieve deeper results! PRICE: US$300 (you save $84


  • physical illness?
  • separation anxiety?
  • aggression toward other animals?
  • abuse in their past?

This powerful energy helps animals big and small. It works so well on animals, as they tend to accept it with full trust. All you need to do is provide a recent photo and the location of your animal.  details + rave reviews


A BUNDLE OF 4: Buy four and save yourself a bundle! You save money, AND your animal gets the help they need!  PRICE: US$156 (you save $36



  • heavy and a bit ‘weird’?
  • like ‘old’ energy is in there?
  • unhealthy and never fresh?
  • like you can never relax?

This powerful energy works very well on clearing spaces of stagnant and unhealthy energy. If you’ve just moved into a new home, or feel a bit ‘off’ in your living space, this energy will help to clear it. It also makes an excellent house-warming gift! All you need to do is provide  the location of the space. PRICE: US$48 

A BUNDLE OF 4: Same as above, except you pay for four sessions up front, and save yourself a bundle! PRICE: US$156 (you save $36) 


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 Ring of Love and Light 2012‘Ring of Love and Light’ – 90 day spiritual  bootcamp.


This session (at no cost to you)* is specifically designed to find out which of the services and programs I offer is best suited to your needs. Please, fill out the application form below.

*Note: Discovery Session is NOT a healing session.

Once I receive the application, I will be in touch with you to set up your session. Congratulations on taking the first step! I’m looking forward to connecting, and getting to know you. Love and Light. Julia Maria

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